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CQuence Health Invests In WasteMedX to Impact Healthcare and the Environment

CQuence Health Invests In WasteMedX to Impact Healthcare and the Environment

CQuence and WasteMedX

Omaha, Nebraska (July 14, 2023)CQuence Health, a holding company that invests in innovators in the healthcare industry, has announced a new investment partnership with WasteMedX.

The eco-friendly WasteMedX is a cleaner, safer, more sustainable waste solution for healthcare organizations. The company’s service helps protect hospital staff through safer elimination of potentially hazardous waste while producing a healthier environment by minimizing pollutants and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

WasteMedX’s technology reduces the volume of medical waste by approximately 90% and sterilizes shredded waste using ozone treatment technology. With the push of a button, waste is weighed, shredded, sterilized and transferred to a disposal container. WasteMedX’s full-service pickup and transportation further ensures the prompt, safe removal of medical waste.

Benefits include reduced waste cost, cleaner waste processes, faster processes, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and easy electronic waste tracking.

“We are truly invested in the success of the companies we support,” said Mike Cassling, CQuence chairman and CEO. “WasteMedX is an innovative company whose service provides value to communities across the country. Their impact on both healthcare and the waste industry shows that it’s possible to reduce costs and improve sustainability, and that’s exactly why we’re excited to offer funding and an array of additional services to this fast-growing business.”

CQuence Health shapes the future of healthcare by helping companies like WasteMedX grow. The Omaha-based company sets itself apart from traditional investment companies by offering a blend of strategic guidance, professional services and investment capital, all tailored to a particular company’s evolving needs. Through the new investment partnership, WasteMedX will utilize all three offerings.

With decades of experience within the healthcare industry, CQuence will provide WasteMedX with expert advice to inform their business decisions as they scale. As WasteMedX focuses on its manufacturing and service business, they will be able to offload their operational needs to CQuence’s professional services teams, which range from marketing to IT support and more.

“We’re excited about the competitive advantage working with CQuence gives our business,” said Tim Miller, CEO of WasteMedX. “Access to their industry knowledge and services ensures we’re making the right decisions while allowing us to focus on the bigger picture – our customers, services and solutions.”

To learn more about WasteMedX’s medical waste services and environmental impact, visit And to find out how CQuence can drive your company’s success through its unique investment model, visit 

About WasteMedX

WasteMedX helps hospitals heal the planet as well as patients. They do this through an eco-friendly waste treatment and disposal process that minimizes pollutants and reduces costs. This ozone treatment technology provides safe, efficient application of an ozone compound to all types of medical waste, reducing its volume up to 90%. The reactivity of the ozone compound destroys bacteria on contact and, with the push of a button, waste is weighed, shredded, sterilized and transferred to a disposal container.

Founded in Indiana in 2016 on the belief that hospital waste treatment and disposal could be more efficient, less costly and help hospitals achieve their sustainability goals, WasteMedX is revolutionizing waste disposal processes around the country.

About CQuence Health

CQuence Health shapes the future of healthcare by providing strategic guidance, professional services and investment capital to some of the industry’s most innovative companies. CQuence fosters and supports entrepreneurs from bold idea to thriving business venture and everywhere along that sequence, maximizing their impact on patient lives and the community.

CQuence Health is selective in its funding approach — supporting strong business ideas that have real potential to reshape healthcare. In addition to capital, CQ’s strategic guidance ensures entrepreneurs have the business and financial resources to become long-lasting enterprises, leading the charge for a better world. Our portfolio companies also benefit from professional services, such as research, marketing, human resources, accounting and IT support from experts with decades of experience in their respective fields.

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